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Slab Furniture


The Beauty of


The Process


"As you process a slab, its beauty emerges and its potential reveals itself. We are often astonished at the transformation that a piece of wood can undergo. These nuances give each piece of furniture its uniqueness. By that same token, we have to manage the expectations of our clients. Some pieces of wood are a breeze to work with, while other pieces can be unruly, stiff, flawed, or have many tough knots to work around. No matter what obstacle we’re presented with, however, we find a way to turn it into an asset and make it beautiful."


We have the ability and the privilege to

extend the life of every tree

that is cut down and to display its natural beauty in the furniture we make.


Take a look at some of the recent solid slab tables and benches we have produced. 






Our favorite types of projects are those with stories behind them. Any time a tree is removed to make room for a new building or home, there exists an opportunity to turn that tree into furniture for use inside the building or home. The tree is removed, processed, and turned into something special. Then, it returns to its original home with an entirely new function and beauty. 


Investing In Our Craft

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The Right Tools


for The right Job


We invest in machines that allow greater efficiency and larger capabilities. This increases our competitiveness in the wood market. Some of our favorite pieces of equipment include a 32” planer, CNC machine for slabs larger than 32”, and a 20” joiner.




The CNC machine will allow us to do more production building. This will result in great uniformity and preciseness, and the ability to take home Wood Street Studio’s signature designs more quickly and at an affordable price point.


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