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custom furniture


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Wood Street Studio is a commissioned furniture fabrication studio.



Our aim is to produce heirloom quality furniture. We mill, dry, and create from solid wood, and we laminate wood veneer over substrates.


Devoted to respecting the craft.


Based in


Sarasota, FL

Sarasota, FL is our home and host to a temperate climate zone. This allows for a wide variety of rare and beautiful wood species. 


Explore our favorite woods.



Good design has the power to lift the spirit.



Our focus is not just about how the furniture looks, but how it works, wears, and lives every day.


In The Raw

Every tree we mill reveals an opportunity. We let the nuances of the wood guide us.



Take a (virtual) tour of our 7000 sq. ft. converted warehouse space for problem-solving, testing new ideas, engineering, building, and finishing.


Urban Slab Furniture

Our favorite types of projects are those with stories behind them.


Slab Furniture

"Talent is good, practice is better, passion is best." Frank Lloyd Wright. 



Start your custom project today! Learn about process, explore wood species, and more.





We offer a mixture of products ranging from slab tables to fun housewares. Shop our collection of created and collected goods. 


Case Studies




Within these "Case Studies" are illustrations, behind the scenes and up close stories of a variety of projects. 



Measuring up for the Japanese Tea House at the Ringling Museum, Sarasota, Florida





"I have worked with Dale for twenty five years. He is gifted both as a cabinet maker and as a furniture maker. His knowledge of woods is amazing. He also has a clear understanding of proportion and scale. As a designer, I find that I can totally depend on him to provide a product that exceeds both my expectations and those of my clients. He is also a gentlemen and a pleasure to work with." 



–Elizabeth Gibson-Wakeman I.D.A.F.


At Home Interiors


Sarasota, FL


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