Walker Guest House

The replica of architect Paul Rudolph’s iconic midcentury modern Walker Guest House stood on the grounds of the Ringling Museum from November 2015 till April 30 2017. The Sarasota Architectural Foundation conceived of the replica project and raised the $250,000-plus to produce it. The original guest house—an ingenious 24-foot-square pavilion with walls made of canvas flaps that raised and lowered via pulleys—was designed and built on a patch of beach on Sanibel Island by Rudolph in 1952 and 1953. His clients were Dr. Walter Walker and his wife of Minneapolis (whose family donated the money to create one of the nation’s most acclaimed contemporary art museums, the Walker Art Center). Dale built the kitchen exactly as it was in the original and took Paul Rudolph’s designs for the furniture and reproduced the table, coffee table, book case and day bed.



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Lindsey Morano