_MG_7184Wood Street Studio, the collaboration of partners Dale Rieke and Jenny Acheson, is a converted warehouse space in downtown Sarasota. The 3500 square foot facility offers: custom high-end furniture, a photography service including portrait, commercial and lifestyle, and a gallery space and photo studio for hire. All furniture is made by hand and to order and all wood used comes from sustainable sources. Although 25 years of custom designing and building has produced pieces from countless different periods, the Wood Street “Collection” is inspired by the simplicity of mid-century modern design. Our aim is to be the premier bespoke furniture-making business in Sarasota.

Dale Rieke

Dale is a self-taught woodworker, first inspired by working on wooden sailboats in San Diego at a very young age. After working in a  Sarasota cabinet shop he started Dale Rieke Inc.  A self-employed, commissioned artist his entire career, he has passionately worked directly with designers and clients to help them achieve their design dreams, supplying hand or CAD drawings, fine fabrication and expert finishing and installing – thus engaging with jobs from beginning to end.


Jenny Acheson

After a blessed childhood following her UN parents to different countries, Jenny worked as an editorial, lifestyle and travel photographer for 25 years in London, Paris and New York. After meeting Dale she moved to Sarasota and together they bought the warehouse that is Wood Street Studio. Her clients are New York and London magazines and newspapers and now include the local Sarasota Magazine and Edible Sarasota.



Our common passions for travel, art, furniture design and photography make Wood Street Studio a perfect playground for us and anyone who cares to share it with us. Please visit us ANYTIME!! Jenny and Dale

Jenny and Dale
About Jenny and Dale